Improving energy efficiency of collective, tertiary or industrial buildings often requires significant investments, such as renovation work, installation of solar panels or insulating equipment.

To optimize the energy consumed and to go further in the energy sobriety, an innovative method exists: the valorization of the data.

A complete cycle of valuation of energy data

The solution developed by Datanumia reveals the potential and the value of your energy data.

These data are collected via multi-sources (installed sensors, supplier exting data) and then processed through algorithms. After recovering the building data, we are able to apply a climate correction with the highest level of precision to elaborate reliable action plans.

This knowledge of data will allow you to benefit from unique functionalities, accessible via our innovative data visualization platform: the iBoard.

On-site instrumentation

  • depending on the type of site, Datanumia can carry out a technical visit and install meters that allows automated data feedback to your iBoard space
  • you then become the owner of the material provided

Data collection and processing

  • multi-fluid and comfort data
  • multi-source data
  • data from suppliers and network operators
  • heritage data
  • invoice & contract data
  • sensor data / IoT (Internet of Things)

Data visualization and analysis

  • multi-sites and multi-fluid customers: the iBoard
  • advanced design
  • customized analyses

Human accompaniment by our experts

A dedicated expert, assigned for the entire duration of the contract, will accompany you in your efforts to go even further in the analysis and energy optimization: regulatory decrees, customized reports, energy saving action plan, digital audit, multi-site customer animation…

Two types of offers according to your needs

  • 100% digital solution

    • adapted to all volumetrics
    • without new instrumentation on site
    • iBoard tool access
    • possibility of support by an expert (action plan, reporting, regulatory compliance...)

    Implementation time ~ 1 month

  • Turnkey solution

    • adapted to complex installations (more than 50 measuring points) multi-fluid
    • on-site instrumentation (sensors, cabling, telecom modules...)
    • iBoard tool access
    • possibility of support by an expert (action plan, reporting, regulatory compliance...)

    Implementation time ~ 3 to 6 months depending on project

Key figures

  • 43,000

    business and industrial users

  • 15

    of energy savings identified

  • 120
    million m²

    under energy hypervision

  • 10

    data processed daily

They trusted us

  • Logo - Volkswagen

    Volkswagen Group Retail France

    69 dealerships equipped for a deployment in 5 months

  • Logo - Allianz


    135 sites equipped (offices, shops and housing) including an Energy Management service and support for the Decree on Tertiary Sector (reduction of energy consumption for tertiary buildings)

  • Logo - Crédit Agricole

    Crédit Agricole SA

    275 tertiary sites (offices and banks) including instrumentation and data feedback for gas, electricity and district heating

Use case: optimization of land consumption

Datanumia worked with a real estate company committed to the energy transition to control its energy consumption in order to save energy and accentuate its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

  • 180 sites (offices, logistics warehouses and shops) concerned
  • multi-fluid contract (electricity, gas, water) including the implementation of the iBoard, support by a dedicated expert and the transmission of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reports
  • 4 000 DP (Delivery Points) and IoT (Internet of Things)
  • more than 280 energy saving actions recommended by Datanumia
  • +300,000 euros/year in savings on water and energy
  • +1 million euros/year in potential energy savings