EDF’s strategy for Smart Cities

Cities are in a process of transformation towards a new smart and sustainable city model focused on the following areas: social (responsible city), environnemental (low carbon city), economical (connected city). To achieve this new model, EDF associates smart city and proptech, a step beyond R&D and upstream operational know-how.

Real estate consulting

With its subsidiary Urbanomy, EDF has established an international net zero carbon consultancy to offer an integrated approach for real estate projects and portfolios.

EDF supports private and public actors in the upstream/planning phase of their property projects or portfolio strategies, to help them reach their carbon neutrality goals and improve the quality of life. We can provide a strategic consultancy, techno-economic studies and visualization.

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Low Emission Mobility

With its experience, the EDF Group can help you implement zero-emission mobility and, thanks to its tools, take you through the stages of its large-scale deployment, whether for electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles for individuals or public transport. It provides you its expertise across the entire value chain: sizing the mobility requirement, positioning and building the infrastructure, management platform, investment financing and the supply of carbon-free electricity.

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With Citysolution®, the EDF Group offers everyone, whether or not they are experts in the field of IoT, the opportunity to equip themselves with an efficient, easy-to-use and robust connected infrastructure. From territorial diagnosis to the deployment of solutions, through design, monitoring and evolution, Citysolution® allows you to enter the world of connected objects in the best possible way: with advanced and recognized technical expertise.

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The MUSE® platform is positioned at the crossroads of various existing business solutions and is based on a precise and exhaustive multi-domain asset management foundation. With this tool, the operation of the community's services becomes easy and the user can consult multiple indicators and dashboards indicating the quality of daily monitoring of assets, works, maintenance, and the feedback of measurements, thus allowing simplified management.

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Datanumia, an EDF subsidiary, helps you reduce your energy consumption and your carbon footprint through an innovative solution to valorize energy data.

In addition to the instrumentation of your sites (sensors, cabling, telecom modules...), Datanumia provides you with its SaaS solution, the iBoard, a real dashboard of multi-fluid consumption (electricity, gas, heating networks...) and brings you its energy and technical expertise.

You then have all the keys in hand to better measure and understand your uses and thus optimize your consumption and expenses.

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