With its subsidiary Urbanomy, EDF has established an international net zero carbon consultancy to offer an integrated approach for real estate projects and portfolios.

Reach carbon neutrality for real estate projects

We co-create an attractive urban environment for inhabitants and investors focused on low-carbon energy systems. Our tool helps our clients to have a clear vision of the best energy masterplan, to optimize investments and to find funds to finance their projects. The clients can see at a glance all the indicators to better understand its needs and the impacts of different external parameters.

Net zero Carbon Strategies - Technical Studies - Visualisation

We help our customers to


    your climate ambition with your property development actions


    from carbon-intensive assets to low carbon (heat, transport...)


    the value of your assets

Master development projects

Identify the best solutions for future-proof decision making:

  • low carbon and mobility masterplan
  • pre-design of the local energy system
  • decarbonization of uses (heat, transport…)
  • renewable development and flexibility

Set up your portfolio decarbonization

Set up and monitor the carbon strategy of your real estate assets:

  • comprehensive decarbonization strategy to 2050
  • action plan
  • compliance with regulations and standards (Science Based Targets, Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor…)

Define your territory / land strategy

Set up and monitor the carbon strategy of your real estate assets:

  • multi-sector decarbonization strategy and roadmap to 2050 (scope 1,2,3)
  • regulatory climate plan development
  • action plan



Infographic References of projects duration based on their scale

  • 6 weeks to assess the low carbon potential of a real estate project
  • 5 months to design the net zero carbon energy and mobility scheme for a new city area development including 2 200 homes, a science park of 40 hectares, a health centre, a school of 1 000 pupils and a park and ride

They trusted us

Salt Cross Garden

What is the project: define the best energy and mobility scheme to reach net zero carbon. To support the business model, V2G (Vehicle-To-Grid) and potential revenues through grid services have been assessed.

Our part in it: propose our tool to help this project be a net zero carbon project.

What benefits our input created in the project : convert ideas to operational-ready recommendations, define potential routes that reach the targets and ensure feasibility, viability and ultimate benefits for the local community.