Innovating to support Germany’s hydrogen strategy

EDF and its subsidiaries develop and operate green hydrogen infrastructure projects for industry and mobility, another key part of Germany’s clean energy strategy.

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    German companies are involved in the green hydrogen project “Westküste 100”, including EDF’S subsidiary Hymanics.

Hydrogen infrastructure projects

The German government has made a significant investment in hydrogen as a future energy source, targeting a production capacity of 5 GW by 2030. At EDF, we are already an active player in green hydrogen and produce using renewable energy sources. With EDF Germany, we support industrial and mobility companies with green hydrogen infrastructure projects. Through our subsidiary Hynamics, we provide high-performance, low-carbon hydrogen and develop innovative hydrogen-related projects with our joint venture Hypion.

Westküste 100: a real-world laboratory for green hydrogen

Our subsidiary Hynamics is playing a key role in shaping a regional green hydrogen economy in Schleswig-Holstein. The ambitious project aims to test real-world solutions for air travel, construction and heating using carbon-free hydrogen.

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Through EDF Renewables, the Group is a major player in German RES-sector, as well as the joint owner of the largest run-of-river hydropower plant in Germany..


Our tailor-made energy storage solutions help German industrials to reduce their connection costs and stabilise the power grid.

Engineering, Trading & Services

By offering flexibility services, supporting cities  in their energy transition, and providing the expertise to dismantle power plants as well as gas transport network and gas storage, EDF helps drive Germany’s green energy future.